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will be sultry ballad 'Wildest Dreams', which is just fine by us because we are big fans of that particular track.With more than 30 studio singles under her belt, it's about time to see how Taylor's country gal origins stack up to her modern pop chart-toppers.And two, it’s reasonably safe to assume those artists might have already made the best songs they’re ever going to record—their legacies are more or less set in stone. After four years in the spotlight, three straight well-received albums, and an earth-shattering guest verse on “Control,” it’s possible Kendrick hasn’t even made his best song yet. Kendrick is a catalog artist and his journey is only beginning.

Raymond."The last two albums have something else in common, too – they’ve been released when Nash and Usher were at career crossroads, specifically about how much they should tailor their sound toward a crossover.

Now she’s looking online for potential partners — and she’s got plenty of options.

As the baby boomer population ages, more and more dating Web sites are focusing on retirees looking for love, and no wonder: About 30 percent of baby boomers are single.

Below, Digital Spy ranks every single one of her studio singles, from 2006 debut 'Tim Mc Graw' to the imminent 'Wildest Dreams'. That means no album tracks (or else 'All Too Well' would clearly be number one) and no promo-only singles (sorry, 'Out of the Woods').

We're also leaving out her duet with the actual Tim Mc Graw, 'Highway Don't Care'), because that's really more of a Mc Graw single as evidenced by the fact that it's still on Spotify.Marvin Gaye's 1978 "Hear, My Dear" — a bitter ode to his ex-wife, Anna Gordy — was selfish yet vulnerable, inspiring a lifetime of imitators.

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