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This body worn DVR has many advanced settings which include resolution, frame rate, recording mode and many others.

Firmware supports SD cards up to 32 GB capacity to allow for considerable amounts of video storage.

The Button Camera can be matched with many of our Miniature DVRs providing you with a complete body worn surveillance system.

This is the ideal camera for capturing hands free video.

Color video is now the standard in undercover mission requirements.

Capturing video for training purposes, future mission improvements or gathering evidence has become a must for the professional community.


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This image should not be transferred to Wikimedia Commons unless it can be proven that depictions of the architectural work are free in the country where the work is located, as Commons requires that images be free in the source country and in the United States.

Be spatially aware, considerate, professional, and friendly to all.

Your clients may use rollers and other self-administered release utensils, but they are not allowed to lift weights, do cardio, or use other equipment without their therapist.

Honestly the most impressive and concise (which is something no one ever seems to learn) one I've ever seen on GAF.

The playlists are great, will probably keep them on hand, just in case I want to throw out quick recommendations to anyone.If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

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