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03-Jun-2016 13:37

Potential matches are identified based on analysis using users' social graph, mutual friends, similar interests and other data.When the user reviews displayed potential matches, she or he can “like” (swipe right) or reject (swipe left).They may even level facile criticisms at the implicated age group (Millennials, i.e., those born between 19), seeing them as narcissistic and apt to consider themselves unduly “entitled” to instant gratification of desires.

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A patient of one of the authors described himself as a “swipe-a-holic” who spends hours sitting on his couch at home mindlessly seeking, if not actual encounters, at least the thrill of the hunt.

At first glance it may seem impossible, but maybe those “entitled Millenials,” blithely swiping their phones looking for dates, have a better shot at reaching each other with openness and intimacy than the many of us who have long protected ourselves from those things using our irrelationship song-and-dance routines.

The only reliable key is to be willing to show up for love with an open heart and mind, regardless of the route love takes to find us.

When her friends told her what they had done, she hesitated only slightly, and then gathered her things and left to meet the young man, with an open mind and perhaps with some thrill of excitement.

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She knew that it was a crapshoot, as first dates always are, regardless of how they come about.If two users “like” each other, Tinder introduces the two users and opens a chat.

Past curtain time and seek immediate medical attention if they feel something is lacking in 82 percent of all relationships.… continue reading »

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