Ps3 crashes when updating

03-Oct-2016 13:58

It's happened MAYBE about 2-3 times every day since I've had it! OK, you have no specified which model you bought, though if you recently bought it, it should be the newer 80GB or 160GB.And I'm sure it's only happened when I have went to play Online Multiplayer on COD5. Anyway, here is the deal: The PS3, unlike the XBOX360, does not need any rest, as long as it is Properly Ventilated!Solution: Assure correct ventilation to the console.Update your firmware to the latest version (currently 2.53) by using a USB drive or burning it to a cd or dvd.I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing crashing problems and whether i should send it back for a new one or something?By the way, if the PS3 crashes, do you need to reset or turn it off yourself or does it sometimes reset itself automatically?Could the update be causing issues with older worlds? I save and exit the world and load up a another one and it freezes within seconds of it loading. I save and exit the world and load up a another one and it freezes within seconds of it loading.

The only break it gets is night after i have finished playing on it at about 10pm till about 8am lol.My 1.08 version of Injustice won't install on my PS3. There's plenty of memory and it wouldn't install after the latest system update which it made me do before I could do the injustice one. You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.I had a problem with the 1.1 update of gta v this afternoon on my ps3 when i pressed "update" the screen became black and the ONLY way to shut the system was from pulling the plug...

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Anyway if you dont Want THIS to happen just wait the intro sounds to finish before updating, work es for me. it also happened around the time it should have been autosaving. The horse thing has happened to me pretty consistently.