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10-May-2014 14:20

Locomotive Diesel Engine Factory, Marhurah Saran district is very rich in cultural activities.Bhagalpur is a city of historical importance on the southern banks of the river Ganges in the Indian state of Bihar.

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At that time the city had a large harbour at Champanagar, now known as Champanala on the Ganges which flows through the western boundary of the present city near Nathnagar.The Gandak river forms the dividing line with the Vaishali and Muzaffarpur districts in the east. To the west of Saran lie the districts of Siwan and Balia in Uttar Pradesh. It is the 3rd largest city of Bihar and also the headquarters of Bhagalpur district and Bhagalpur division.

Known as Silk City, it is a major educational, commercial, and political centre, and listed for development under the Smart City program, a joint venture between Government and industry.An impression of the coil is faintly visible on Mount Mandara, a granite hill situated along the national highway between Bhagalpur and Dumka.

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