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Not adjusting intercompany transactions results in consolidated financial statements that do not offer a true and fair view of the group’s financial situation.Intercompany eliminations (ICE) are made to remove the profit/loss arising from intercompany transactions.In a downstream transaction, the parent records the transaction and the profit/loss resulting from it.Thus, profit/loss will be visible to the parent’s shareholders only, and not to the minority interest’s.This type of parent-subsidiary relationship typically comes about as the result of acquisitions or heavy investment by a large corporation in another company.The accounting methods used to recognize this relationship vary according to the degree of influence exercised by the parent company.The impairment loss is applicable only to the interest owned in the subsidiary. His last position, in the corporate world, was a controller for a corporation in Costa Mesa, CA.The impairment test must use the sophisticated equity investment balance (simple equity balance less amortizations of excess to date). After spending 15 years as a nine-to-five employee, he decided to serve more companies, families and even individuals, as a trusted business advisor.

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On the controlling schedule, the loss would appear as a debit in periods subsequent to the impairment, the controlling retained earnings would already have been reduced on the parent’s books, and no adjustment would be needed. The impairment loss could be recorded only on the consolidated worksheet.

The investment account, resulting goodwill, and the controlling retained earnings would be overstated. The procedure used in this post text will be to follow Option 1 and directly adjust the investment account on the parent’s books.