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This certificate is filed when an entity has dissolved and at the completion of winding up the entity.D - Dissolved - A certificate of Dissolution has been voluntarily filed by the corporation to terminate its legal existence.In addition, and by way of example without limiting the generality thereof, the personal services which come within this chapter are the personal services rendered by architects, certified or other public accountants, chiropodists, chiropractors, doctors of dentistry, doctors of medicine, optometrists, osteopaths, professional engineers, veterinarians, and, subject to the Rules of the Supreme Court, attorneys-at-law.(2) The term "professional corporation" means a corporation which is organized, under this chapter, for the sole and specific purpose of rendering professional service, and which has as its shareholders only individuals who themselves are duly licensed or otherwise legally authorized within this State to render the same professional service as the corporation.

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* Appointment begins at am ** Appointment begins at pm If you have questions about your appointment date, please contact the appropriate registrar: WSOM, Law School, MSASS, Nursing School, or Graduate Studies.For more information please visit gov and search DISC.

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