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04-Nov-2014 20:27

She ordered a different one, they showed her the screen and she confirmed everything was correct.Never got the swing, called them only to find out they shipped both swings to a different person with my same name in a different state!Little castle Sophie glider - I ordered this glider for my daughter-in-law as a shower gift. When we unpacked our items we noticed the crib was the wrong color.We double checked our order thinking we made a mistake but it turns out that the warehouse made the mistake and sent us the wrong color.If they follow through, and I have no reason to believe they won't, go ahead and buy a Sorelle crib BUT get it anywhere else other than Babies R US.Aunt went in store to order a swing from my registry in 12/16, they said it got lost in the mail so she went in and ordered a different one.We received many gift cards at the shower to put towards our stroller. FOUR days later I get an email saying that the stroller is no longer in stock and they've cancelled our order. First, I received a nursing scarf for my sister's shower that was the wrong color. we had (no exaggeration) 2 completely full shopping carts of baby items, including cloth diapers, wipes, toys, bath tubs, etc.After realizing their online system does not allow you to use more than 5 gift cards, we went out of the way to go to the store. I called customer service to see what the hell this is about. Not a big deal for it to happen once; accidents happen and I'm not irrational and unreasonable. When we checked out, the coupon couldn't be used on 1 item!!!

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When CEVA scanned the item our correct crib would be shipped to us.

I can't believe I just mailed the baby shower invitations with her BRU registry on it.

I'm going to call everyone and tell them to buy from somewhere else, I don't want to go through this with anything else they want.

It was delivered to my aunt's neighbors' office at work. and was told 10 days I would see the credit.1st week of Dec still no refund so I called again.

The swing was labeled to "my aunt" with her address from "me" and my address. They couldn't even get the shipping info right the third time! I called 3 times checking on status and no one could tell me what was going on. They said the rep never processed the refund and she would do immediately.The rep has no idea when more will be in stock and has no advice to offer us. We now have hundreds of dollars in BRU gift cards that we have no use for. It came with the proper packing slip, but the gift was wrong so that put up a little bit of a red flag. Everything is excluded if you read the fine print on their coupons...