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27-May-2015 06:44

It's understandable if you haven't heard of the Phonemasters.With the exception of local newspapers reporting on hometown criminals or the so-called hacker media reports, the national media has largely ignored the Phonemasters and others like them."Lately the media has been caught up in Web defacement," said Yarbrough, who also leads the FBI's cyber crimes task force in Dallas.The actions of Web defacers are typically confined to replacing the "home pages," or index files of a Web site with text and images that either - in the case of "hacktivism" - reflect a political or social viewpoint, or simply boast that the hacker had access to the site.But they never checked to see if their own phones were under surveillance. It marked the first time the FBI successfully eavesdropped on computer data traveling through telephone lines, federal prosecutors said.The Phonemasters went to great measures to avoid detection during their long-distance conference calls, never using their real names and speaking in code, referring to the calling card numbers as "tortillas," prosecutors said. In the transcript of one 1995 conversation, Bosanac hears a strange noise on the line. In February 1995 a hacker friend told Cantrell his number was on a database of phone numbers under FBI watch.

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But the gang behind ones of the largest hacks ever failed to see their names on one FBI list, a request to tap their lines. Jonathon Bosanac pleaded guilty to two counts of computer-related fraud in a U. Two other reputed ringleaders were sentenced in September.

If you 'own' the phone system, you have the keys to the kingdom: you can listen to anyone you want to, call forward, switch numbers and route calls," said Matthew Yarbrough, the assistant U. attorney in Dallas who served as lead prosecutor in the case. They could listen in on phone calls, alter secure databases and penetrate computer systems of credit report company Equifax and the FBI's National Crime Information Center.

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