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Amit: Koi bi ladaka tum pe fida ho jayega Divya: aap bhi na bhaiya bas Amit: Tumhe to enjoy krna chaiye hmmmm Divya: how? Pahale tum 1 ladaki ho Aur ladakiyo ko pura enjoy krna chaiye Divya: ok bhaiya Amit: Tumane kisi ko kiss kiya hai?

Amit: Han me sach kah raha hu Divya: thanks bhaiya Amit: Boys k sath mix hona chahiye Divya: ok but wo sab physically approach karte hain Amit: Ab tum badi ho gai ha han wahi to me kah raha ho to use enjoy kro na Divya: bat bhaiya, aapko bura nai lagega? Divya: nai bhaiya Amit: Sabse pahale kis krna ana chaiye Divya: hmmm ok bhaiya Amit: Me sikhata hu tumhe.

I’m surprised you’re being so immature about it….you’re a grown woman, not some teen who acts innocent and disgusted about sex, but behind closed door get all excited…but I totally understand.”“I mean you know what I mean…you’re a girl and you have certain and more expectations and standards you have to withhold and live up to than guys…like maintaining a good girl image in public, and all you’re really doing is suppressing it until it explodes…but behind the closed-door scene, you let that bad girl out.”, you’re being obvious and getting real into the heart of the matter, admitting stuffs that are so true yet never brought up, and you’re the rare one that actually does it.

When you’re comfortable and confident being the man leading the conversation to the sexual arena, the woman will follow suit thanking you she doesn’t have to hide and be more of herself because women are sexual-creatures, more so than men, and you will be rewarded for it.

, you can easily get women to start talking about sex, without it sounding too creepy because she already has that impression that you get to the real heart of the matter non-judgmentally and that you’re easily comfortable with human sexuality, and also she can learn a thing or 2 from you; hence, already bypassing a lot of the prior barriers that would prevent you 2 from getting to such topic…making it ok to talk about sex.

I used obviousation to get women to start talking about sex and masturbation, making it sound almost too ok and natural.

I mean you hear about these politicians all the time, and everything they do is considered scandalous because they all a certain expectation and standard to withhold and live up to.Amit: you’re also my sister now my age is 25 Divya: great what is the name of your sister.Amit: Shradha Divya: do you feel anything for your sis Amit: Ya sum time tell me about you Divya: how much would you rate yourself and your sis out of 10 look wise Amit: 8 n 9 Divya: okay consider me your little sis teach me things I don’t know Amit: Ok you ask sis Divya: ok bhaiya consider me your real sis and relate me with the real incidence of your life with your sister ok Amit: ok Koi ladaka tumhe pasand hai sis clg me? sab ladke gande hote hain Amit: Mujhe batao Aisa kyu sochati ho tum Divya: wo ladkio ko pareshan karte hain na bhaiya Amit: Kya me bi ganda hu? 25 years old and this is a real conversation which I had with a girl who I met in Nimbuzz. So I thought, why not share her conversation with you all.

I am sure you all will like it and as it makes me hard, anytime I read it.Most important thing: You must know I have a real sister, whose name is Shradha.

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