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Investigators do not suspect speed or impairment were factors in the crash but will take blood samples to check.

The state of Nevada is the only jurisdiction in the United States where prostitution is permitted.

In 1971, Joe Conforte, owner of a brothel called Mustang Ranch, near Reno, managed to convince county officials to pass an ordinance which would provide for the licensing of brothels and prostitutes, thus avoiding the threat of being closed down as a public nuisance.

Officials in Las Vegas, afraid that Conforte would use the same technique to open a brothel nearby, convinced the legislature, in 1971, to pass a law prohibiting the legalization of prostitution in counties with a population above a certain threshold, tailored to apply only to Clark County.

While brothels and prostitutes are subject to federal income tax and also pay local fees, Nevada has no state income tax, and brothels are exempt from the state entertainment tax and do not pay any other state taxes.

In 2005, brothel owners lobbied to be taxed in order to increase the legitimacy of the business, but the legislature declined.

In November 2005, former prostitute and madam Heidi Fleiss said that she would partner with brothel owner Joe Richards to turn Richards' existing Cherry Patch Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nye County, Nevada into an establishment that would employ male prostitutes and cater exclusively to female customers, a first in Nevada.

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Brothels have been allowed in Nevada since the middle of the 19th century.

One brothel in Elko has been in business since 1902.

In 1937, a law was enacted to require weekly health checks of all prostitutes. Roosevelt issued an order to suppress prostitution near military bases—affecting the red-light districts of Reno and Las Vegas.

It was promptly challenged on First Amendment grounds, but in 1981, the Nevada Supreme Court declared it to be constitutional.

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(Princess Sea Industries, one of the parties involved in the case, was Plankinton's company that owned the Chicken Ranch.) In July 2007, the law was overturned by a U. District judge as "overly broad", and advertising in Las Vegas started soon after.

Currently eight out of Nevada's 16 counties have active brothels (these are all rural counties). Prostitution is illegal under state law in Clark County (which contains Las Vegas), and under county or municipal law in Washoe County (which contains Reno), Carson City (an independent city), Douglas County, and Lincoln County.