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03-Sep-2016 20:22

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The people were realistic about it, but they always left the door open.

Everybody said, "I'm not looking for Prince Charming, but if it happens it happens -- we'll see."As we get older, we're all defined by all of the loves and all of the losses we've had in life. When my dad passed away, my mom said to me, "Every night I would get in bed and reach over and find dad's hand.

It was always warm and it always made me feel like I could go to sleep." For a long time, her hand would still reach over to his side of the bed and she would realize that his hand wasn't there. She defined herself as part of a love team in life, so why wouldn't she still be programmed to need that?

There are certainly a lot of barriers to finding love at that age, but it's not like you decide it's not important to you anymore. In talking to these people, it made me think: Is companionship different than the love that younger people seek?

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The home and the family and the kids and the looks and whatever else is part of finding somebody when you're young, if you take all that away, isn't it essentially companionship?Lou, the body-builder, said something that was just so simple and profound: "A lot of people have trouble saying 'I love you,' but if you feel it, why not say it? Don't hold back." We all hold back and worry, but when you're 82, what's to hold back?