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Rather, there is something disturbing about approaching military science as if it were all so awesome.A public-affairs officer is “likeable”, a medical researcher “gorgeous”.To find humour in the carnage of war, a writer must walk a fine line, and most of the time Roach does so deftly. It is at once harrowing, fascinating and depressing.Roach is at her best capturing the rational absurdities of the US military, an institution at perpetual war.Once more we turn the spotlight on one of our wonderful authors and grill them about the books they adore!


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It has a fantastic first line–“He was one hundred and seventy days dying and not yet dead.” I loved the far-future neo-Victorian feel of this Count of Monte Cristo retelling and the integration of the Tiger! The main character is unsympathetic and unreliable yet goes through a complete transformation.Near the end, a character is hit on the head and suffers synaesthesia (which I found so cool I wrote a sestina about synaesthesia and won 0 in a contest at university), and Bester had fun mixing the senses with wonderful phrases like “Indigo undulated with sickening speed like a slithering snake,” which I just love.This was definitely one of the books that turned me from a reader to a reader who wanted to write.8) One Book I’m Intending to Read This has been on my list for a few weeks, and slowly but surely I’m inching my way toward it.

I’m interested in Victorian medicine, and so I’m really looking forward to this YA novel of a young boy from the slums of Edinburgh stumbling on the even darker underbelly of the city—Burke and Hare, the bodysnatchers, and their relationship to John Knox.

Who knew that everyone in and around the military was so “droll and adorable”?