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13-Mar-2016 12:59

Driving the family owned #10 Vander Weerd Construction / Stone Gate Development Maxim, Richard scored two fifth place finishes at the Tulare County Fairgrounds.

To date, the 2011 Champion has three top-10 finishes in the campaign.

Each round explored the relationship between students and the required texts for the course and how various Reading Apprenticeship strategies and techniques might affect these relationships.

Discuss the collaborative reading activity you completed this morning.

Due to the sellout LINKS event at Irvine Valley College, 3CSN decided to offer another LINKS event for the LA/OC colleges.

Despite it being the Friday before Final Exams, a very receptive and engaging group of faculty came together at College of the Canyons to explore more about how to create a Powerful Classroom.

Currently twenty-first in points, Steve Hix (Ventura, California) leads the chase for Rookie of the Year honors. Who knew that there was going to be 3 rounds of Speed Dating?

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The two winters and summers now coincide in the Southern Hemisphere. Since the Earth's orbit as well as its spin precesses, that causes the Earth's obliquity to vary between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees. It controls the intensities of the obliquity summers and winters, the greater obliquity being the more intense.… continue reading »

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