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This simplifies access to the data because the underlying query does not have to be written on the client and then submitted each time a report is run. Although you can set column-level security in SQL Server, it is tricky to maintain because it's pretty well buried in the table properties.You may already have discovered that you can often greatly speed up Access reports by first saving the results of a complex record source query into a temporary table and then basing the report on that table rather than on the query. Row-level security must be defined at runtime because it's impossible to know what values a table will contain until then.This can be implemented using the Once the view is created, its definition will be unreadable, as shown in Figure 9.2.Therefore, make sure that you save your view definition in a script file in case you ever need to modify it. The triggers in views are covered later in this chapter.Another limitation of views that you may be familiar with is that a view cannot be indexed. In SQL Server 2000, you can indeed create indexed views, as shown later in this chapter.Table1ID --And update values in both tables, using update-statement against the view.update v1 set f1='First row in Table1' where t1id=1 update v1 set f2='This row is related to Table1.

So, a view that returns the top 100% by sales would essentially be a sorted view.

--Create the tables create table Table1 (id int identity(1,1) primary key, f1 varchar(100)) create table Table2 (id int identity(1,1) primary key, Table1ID int, f2 varchar(100) CONSTRAINT FK_Table2_Table1 FOREIGN KEY (Table1ID) REFERENCES Table1(id)) --Insert some values insert into table2 select 1,'first row in T2' insert into table2 select 1,'second row in T2' insert into table2 select 2,'third row in T2' insert into table2 select 2,'fourth row in T2' --Create a view that joins the tables CREATE view v1 as select T1as T1ID, T2.

ID as T2ID, f1,f2 FROM Table1 t1 inner join table2 t2 on t1= t2.

Views are saved SELECT statements that allow you to operate on the results that are returned from them.

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They can be used to provide row- or column-level access to data, to wrap up complex joins, to perform complex aggregate queries, and to otherwise customize the display of data. In this chapter, learn how to define, create, and modify views, and how to perform index analysis and optimize performance in SQL Server. The biggest problem is that just when you get used to accepting a limitation, Microsoft comes up with an amazing, new feature that overcomes it!When a user selects data from the view, only the result set is passed over the network—all of the joins and aggregations are performed on the server, not on the client. Then grant appropriate permissions on the views for the users and roles you want to be able to access the data.

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