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While it is usually totally adorable when an on-screen couple ends up dating off-screen (cue Rachel Bilson/Adam Brody and Ryan Gosling/Rachel Mc Adams), less adorable is Josh’s relationship history. Hey, if we were surrounded by these gorgeous guys at work every day, we can’t promise we’d resist either.

The boy has been connected with Miley Cyrus and was once Amy Winehouse’s plaything in St. For some reason Miley, Amy and Emily don’t mix in our minds. Hopefully the actors who play fiancés Emily and Daniel will last a long time, have multiple sweet PDA moments and make us forget about the odd arrangement of exes in Josh’s life.

I know this mod, Ascendancy, and the original ICW for Ea W is clearly rooted in Legends material but is their anychance you'll be using the new Chimaera model for Thrawns flagship or at the very least offer a mini mod that replaces the classic Chimaera with the new-canon Chimaera?

Umm, i downloaded this mod and attempted to follow its instructions, however when i did a full search of my computer i found no folders titled "Ironclad Games" or really anything titled Ironclad, nor did i find any Mods folder in relation to sins..

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"With this schedule and playing this very tortured — exciting to play, but crazy character — I think I'll let that happen and I'll see where I'm at.

She also dated her 'Brothers And Sisters' co-star Dave Annabele, who played his secret boyfriend in the series.