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For example, if you are in the 18-22 age range, you should wait 30 min to an hour to respond to a guy's text.If you're older than 31, you should wait at least three hours!When I first turned 30, I knew I was entering a decade of high expectations.Sure, I knew it was a milestone age, and I had accomplished most of what I set out to do — except find love.It was easy to discuss my interest in her, as it was guys-only party; yet, there was a catch: Other guys knew her, too, and they also expressed interest in her. They fed each other intel on their encounters with her and how they could, perhaps, win her over.To them, she was an elusive catch who would require a unique strategy in order to capture her heart.I still dated while fielding the occasional questions from my peers and elders about why I had to yet to find love.They were curious about what I desired in a romantic partner.

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It was a little salesy -- the writers seemed to be selling their consulting services.

Here are some reasons why: I remember once being at a friend's for a guys’ night when a woman I was interested in became a topic of discussion.