True dating and romance

08-Jan-2015 23:24

Sometimes the third party is real and sometimes they are fictitious as well.Funds sent by Western Union and Money Gram do not have to be claimed by anyone showing identification if the sender sends money using a secret pass phrase and response and can be picked up anywhere in the world.The scammer will say anything to get the victim to send money.And the money is always sent to a third party to be collected for the scammer.

Scammers prefer to use the images, names and profiles of soldiers as this usually inspires confidence, trust and admiration in their female victims.The marriage being a prequiste of the father, uncle or grandfather's will.The scammer keeps the victim believing that they are sincere, until they are able to build up enough rapport to ask for thousands of dollars to help bring the gold into the victim's country.Often photos of unknown African actresses will be used to lure the victim into believing they are talking to that person.

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Victims may be invited to travel to the scammer's country; in some cases the victims arrive with asked-for gift money for family members or bribes for corrupt officials, and then they are beaten and robbed or murdered.Upon finding victims, scammers lure them to more private means of communication, (such as providing an e-mail address) to allow for fraud to occur.