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24-Apr-2016 01:45

Hier werden Nachrichten über den Salafismus veröffentlicht. Diese Seite soll über den Salafismus/Islamismus/Terrorismus informieren. Of late, some Indians have attacked others because their 'sentiments were hurt' by the work of the others.

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Es ist wichtig über Fanatiker aufzuklären, um den Frieden und die Freiheit zu sichern.

Some Sikhs are of the opinion that it is OK to target Deras but not OK to ban the book detailing 1984 riots.

Some Muslims are OK with attacking Taslima but not OK with Hindus running riot in Gujarat.

They reason that their own fights are somehow justified and completely valid compared to those of other religions.

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Is a 'reactionary' movement slightly better one compared to other kinds of fanaticism?

These people who opinionate these so selectively are educated and uneducated, both men and women, are coming from rural and urban India.