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04-Jul-2016 00:06

This sort of investigation deals with an underground, shadowy business.

Often, people are not willing to talk about the issue.

, a documentary by Bulgarian-born American journalist Mimi Chakarova, is based on a decade-long investigation of human trafficking and forced prostitution in Eastern Europe.

Prolonged exhaustive efforts, including the undercover infiltration of human trafficking and illegal sex industries resulted in this shocking film.

So videotaping was not always the best way to collect the material: as soon as I took my camera out, most girls refused to continue the conversation.Whenever you ask about the trafficking of women, you have to realize that the criminals transporting and selling people are also involved in other businesses, such as drug and arms trafficking. All information about this business and everything that surrounds it is well hidden. The local officials who benefit from the trafficking of women in one way or another also prefer to keep their mouths shut for as long as possible.Drugs, weapons, people – you can buy and sell it all. The victims of coerced prostitution are often psychologically crushed when they realize they will have to work as prostitutes, not as cleaning ladies, waitresses or plant employees as they were promised.The system is designed to make the victims look like dirty laundry repulsive to anyone.

A related problem is the lack of accountability in NGOs and funds dealing with the issue, and there is plenty of corruption there too, just like in border patrols and other authorities in victim destination countries.

The girls don’t like to tell people what they have been through.