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28-Feb-2015 23:23

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I can only assume that when anyone asks me what it’s like to date a Brit they’re mostly interested in knowing if their stereotypes are true.Tea sipping, bad teeth, overly posh speaking guys who all look like James Bond. Even when he banters with his friends and is relentlessly taking the piss out of them, he sounds so dramatic and smart.But in my opinion there are some subtle differences that do stand out between British guys and American guys, everything is similar but yet also different.Most obviously their accent sets them apart from the American boys back home. Maybe it’s the movies we’ve watched growing up that portrayed princes and princesses with these accents that created this obsession, but there is something about a British accent that makes you feel like birds are singing in your ears.I have been correct more than once about this observation. They are something you wouldn’t see an American guy wear unless he was going to work some where professionally, or dress for a formal event or party. I thought only women’s shoes had pointy tips like these, but I was surprised to see that British men will rock them too.

We love each other no differently than if we were from the same country.

The poor guy thought I was drinking a alcoholic cider.

He never had the heart to say anything until one day it came up in our conversation. Casual blazers, nice button up shirts, and sophisticated shoes.

” It’s not a common coupling that you’ll see in my hometown.

I remind them that dating a Brit is no different than dating an American because you don’t experience extreme culture shock when visiting their country, and you can understand their language naturally without carrying a translation dictionary (although some people may beg to differ).

To read more about our our story and how we met, check out this article.

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Then you realize that you get 80% of your dude through a screen, and there’s no looking up that that’ll ever change. Insecurities abounding, you wanna look hot when he gets a chance to steal some Skype-able Internet. Rub it around the circumference of your face, like blending out from your hairline and along your jaw, and into the hollows of your cheeks. Smudge it onto your lips, even a little outside of your lip line with your fingertip.… continue reading »

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