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21-Oct-2016 09:22

There's a decent play with this where you just run HQ when Jackson is on the table.If they pop him he's trashed without you spending a click running archives, if they don't (say, because they don't know what this card does), shoot him in the head and go check archives.Here is a single list of all legal targets, which should continue to remain accurate even as further valid target cards are released.It checks for all bioroids, clones, executives, and sysops that are either upgrades, assets, or even agendas (such a card doesn't exist, but I guess according to the rules, it could! The targets that are worth shooting in the current meta are Ash, Caprice and Batty.If every time the corp puts down an upgrade it gets Drive By'd, they may start pre rezzing to avoid it.

Goodness, we seem to have so much trouble with creating lists of targets for this card!

All organisations providing health or social care services must first be registered with us.

This includes hospitals, clinics, residential care and nursing homes, agencies offering care in your home, dental practices and, from April 2013, GP surgeries. It is a criminal offence to provide any of the types of service we regulate without being registered.

Probably not worth using unless you are making a theme deck.

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The flavor of having Chaos Theory: Wünderkind go clubbing at Wyldside, do a bunch of drugs (Stimhack), pay her Drug Dealer, and shoot someone in the face is certainly appealing. q=s:bioroid|clone|executive|sysop t:asset|upgrade) is not '[Protecting a server](

If you believe any of the services we regulate are being provided by somebody not registered with us, we want to know about it.

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