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24-Apr-2015 13:15

I have a C# program that updates and then launches a Java application.Before actually launching Java, it checks for updates to the files that program uses.Archiving class files and compressing them allows you to distribute applications quickly in a network environment.Not only are the files smaller, but multiple connections do not have to be established for each constituent file; one HTTP transaction can be used, as opposed to one for each file in the archive.Finally, when everybody uses the jar file in the old folder, copy your update into the new folder (of course, all of this should be automatical), finally, after the update is completed every new connection will use the jar file in the new folder. So I've been looking high and low for an answer to this and obviously haven't found a satisfactory answer.In any case, I appreciate the solution, as it's one of the most straight forward I would say., but at least you should be able to adapt that code so that you don't have to recreate the file structure on disk.

Now I know it's not, and then workarounds are the only choice.

No study of the world of the JAR is complete without examining the tool to make them: the Java Archive Tool.

The Java Archive Tool, which ships with the Java Development Kit, can be invoked using the jar command.

All the people currently running the application can still use the renamed jar file.

Windows won't let you rename a file that's in use, either (though I think Unix systems will).

The problem is that I want to update a JAR (or any file for that matter) inside a JAR, but said file is inside a folder structure, which I would like to avoid reproducing outside the JAR just so I can update it.