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I would like when the user is watching the field he wants to update to hit a button and the update form to come out with the fields already filled out for him to edit. When I add that in my textboxes the data does transfer from main form to update form. It says that it can't edit it since it is bound to main form. Allow Additions must be set to True as well) These properties can be attached to a button on the form The problem with your idea would be that all fields in the main form are textboxes and in the update form 2 of those I would like to be combo-boxes connected wit 2 additional tables related to the main table (which is bounded to the main form).When he is finished he has to click Save and the record to be updated. If so how do I get the contents of the current record the user is looking at and how do I update that record with the new data? Because you are using unbound controls in your two latter forms you will need to pulled the required data from the 1st form. Initially I thought that this is because I had Allow Edits = False in the main form but even when I got rid of that and the other restrictrions it does not allow me to change anything. Why not allow the user to insert and update records on the main form? I may however do it by replacing in the main form the textboxes with combo-boxes and locking and unlocking the fields.After having found the record you can read or change the record's field values as explained under Edit a record in a DAO Recordset.Use the Move methods to move from record to record without applying a condition.If it's by using a reader and filling while looping through the reader that will be a different method than if you filled a datatable and set it as your datasource. Taku Data Set.staaff_records) db Provider = "PROVIDER=Microsoft. Oledb.4.0;" db Source = "Data Source=C:\Attachee Students\Documents\Taku.mdb" con. Open() sql = "Select*from tblstaaf_records" da = New Ole Db.

To add a new record a recordset has to be be available.

The adding of a record requires: recordsetfindandedit Check out this to see how the code is created with just a few menu selections Moving through a recordset changes what is the 'current' record.