Validating a form in dreamweaver

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The submit event is selected and disabled: this is normal, as the validation rules are always checked when the form attempts to send captured data to the server.If some of the validation rules are not met, the information is not sent through.Field Validators requirements are simple: Adobe Dreamweaver MX2004 or a later version, DW CC included.Field Validator is distributed as an extension to Adobe Dreamweaver MX2004 or later versions, packaged in a file named HDW_Field The available operators are: , which should be chosen if at least one element of the group must be selected in order to be valid.Once the operator has been chosen, you must select all the fields that are participating in the validation.For these cases there is a "Confirm Field" rule, where you should select the field with which you want to make the comparison (only fields with a defined ID attribute can be selected for comparison); you must also enter the error text that is displayed when the values of the fields involved in the validation are not equal.Enforce pattern: when you want the text field information to follow a specific format, that is not included in any of the "Validation Type" rules, regular expressions are used.

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Values: the validation rule "values" is used in numeric fields to narrow the possible values to be entered between two numbers.

When a text field, a select field, a checkbox or a password field fails to meet some of the assigned validation rules, they are highlighted in a different color, an icon appears to the right side and a bubble is displayed with explanatory text.

Field Validator prevents invalid information from being sent to your server.

When validating a password field, the setup window displays the following fields: In password fields, only validation rules: validation rule is allowed in selection fields. When validating a textarea field, the setup window displays the fields: The following validation rules are enabled: is shown, it is pre-selected and inactive.

This is because these fields would only be valid if they are selected, or not.

The options shown in that window are determined by the type of the field being validated.

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