Validating language experience approach cincinnati shemale dating sites

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For almost a century now, educators have used personal experience as the basis for learning (e.g., Dewey, 1938) and literacy instruction (Huey, 1908).The Language Experience Approach (LEA) draws upon and takes advantage of this important link between experience and education by using student narratives as the basis for reading instruction.A picture of Princess Masako or Diana or a written prompt such as "mariachi" could be used to encourage students from one country to describe the topic to students from other cultures (Ringel, 1989).The teacher can help students expand on the topic by adopting a reporter's stance and asking simple "who," "what," "where," "when," and "how" questions in order to get more information from the students while also navigating around their limitations in speaking.In beginning-level ESL classes, an economy of words is an asset.

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Charles Fries, a proponent of the audiolingual method of language instruction, argued that mastery of one skill was necessary before moving on to the next.This article will review the basic LEA procedures and theory as they apply to beginning adult L2 literacy instruction. The student reads the story several times (with the teacher helping as needed), until the story has become quite familiar.