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– but it served as a nice setup for Murray to share some fun sparring scenes with the coach.(Can we all agree that their dueling Woody Allen impressions were the best bit of the bunch?In this interview filmed at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival, the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher puts those anxieties to rest.She argues that the brain’s circuitry has evolved in such a way that humans will always search for romantic love and partnership—humanity’s survival has depended on it for millennia.

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(He’s legally required to say that now.)We’re kept guessing for a few minutes in terms of which character is going to find themselves diving headlong into the video dating scene.Given my age, there aren’t many pop culture reference made within “The Goldbergs” that I don’t have first-hand experience with, but this week’s episode provided a rare opportunity for me to get a feel for what it must be like for my daughter to watch the show from the outside looking in, because here’s the thing: neither I nor anyone I knew in the ‘80s ever so much as dabbled in video dating. Maybe their efforts were so embarrassing that they tried to keep them as far under wraps as possible.In fact, after seeing some of those real examples last night, I’m thinking that’s probably the most likely scenario.That said, we do get some real comedic gems during the window when Bill is still in play as a video dater, the majority of which comes via Erica’s decision to ask Adam to help put together Bill’s tape.

Yeah, okay, there’s no point in pretending that there’s anything even remotely realistic about the concept of Adam spending all that time positioning Bill as a one-man Village People – and with “Macho Man” playing in the background, no less – without realizing that he’s positioning Bill as a player for the wrong team, as it were. Plus, the whole sequence is worth it just to see three things: The reveal of Calabasas’s “this could be you” customer. Adam’s crazed enthusiasm about scoring his first (un)paid, (not really) professional gig, which started great with his planned “Terminator” homage and shot into the realm of outstanding with the joke at the end about some other guy named Adam Goldberg…not officially Adam Goldberg, of course, because that would be wrong.

Callen, who’s done a remarkable job of taking a character who seems completely one-dimension on paper and giving him some legitimate emotional heft even when he’s talking about something as ridiculous as having a “gym son.” In the end, Murray does what we always knew he’d do: he agrees that there’s nothing wrong with Barry being a gym teacher, but lest I neglect to mention it, Troy Gentile somehow managed to kick his usual frantic performance up another notch this week during his training scenes while still successfully bringing it down to give some nicely subtle line readings when trying to give Coach back his whistle.