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Before she opens the door, he speaks to her, manipulating her emotions until she eventually agrees.

The next morning, Daryl visits the shy and insecure Jane.

As the two sit down and share polite conversation, Jane explains that the Lennox Mansion was built on a site where alleged witches were burned at the stake.

Later that night, Daryl encourages Jane to play her cello with wild abandon, never before achieved, playing faster and faster while accompanied by Daryl on the piano, until finally the strings break, the cello bursts into flame, and Jane flings herself upon Daryl with passion.

The following week, Daryl invites all three of the women to his mansion, his sights now on Sukie.

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Upset by this abandonment, Daryl uses his own powers to bring their worst fears to life.While the film follows the basic structure of the novel, several major developments are dropped, with the book being darker in tone.

Identical twin brothers Clint and Jared Sutter grew up on Lake Pleasant.… continue reading »

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