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He also appeared in Richard Attenborough's Gandhi (1982) as a British diplomat.

Having played Vladimir Lenin in the film Nicholas and Alexandra, Bryant would later reprise the role in Robert Bolt's play State of Revolution (1977).

Bryant was chosen by Orson Welles to play the lead role in The Deep, Welles's adaptation of the Charles Williams novel Dead Calm.

The production frequently ran out of money, and following the death of actor Laurence Harvey in 1973, Welles stopped production and announced the movie - which had been completed except for one special effects shot of a ship exploding - would not be released.

In the past we have seen Carla Di Bello as an assistant at the 2006 film 16 Blocks, that same year she was an assistant to producer ay Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Black Dahlia and the Wicker Man, The Contract and Home Of The Brave.

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Equally memorable is his later performance in an adaptation of M. James's The Treasure of Abbot Thomas (1974) Bryant also had a supporting role as a sadistic psychiatrist in the cult classic black comedy The Ruling Class, with Peter O'Toole and Alastair Sim.

Containing Over Forty-six Thousand Articles (authors), with Forty Indexes of Subjects Michael Bryant, John F.

by Samuel Austin Allibone Bryan, Michael Bryant, John F.

(The novel was finally adapted to film in 1989.) In 1969 Bryant took his love of the stage on a strange trip into the realm of cult films, playing a clever male prostitute who outwits a delusional family of killers in the dark comedy Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly, an adaptation of a play by Maisie Mosco.

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