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I guess superbands within the show are always going to excite people, when characters start duetting together, when new characters start doing big numbers together.It's always a cool thing to see, so I hope there's a bit more of that crossover.She attended Central Middle School and Columbus East High School where she was a cheerleader, gymnast and on the track team. After high school, she graduated from Indiana University, and then she spent time studying acting in New York City before moving to Los Angeles. But that's still a while away, so it's just as well the DVD is out to keep us occupied (and, um, singing) in the meantime. I meet a lot of English folks who've been out here for a few years and you can really hear that it's turning very American. "I think they've had such a great musical journey together throughout season one and then season two has been a little up in the air and a little dramatic and lots of things happening, but the songs they sing and the two characters together really are firm fan favourites, and we get so many tweets and messages about, 'Gunnar and Scarlett, when are they back together? And why does Sam want to be a playboy with the ability to fly next season? "The American accent comes on working weeks and stays on all day on set, until they say 'cut' and send us home for the night, and then my English accent pops back to life. Don't worry, Sam isn't planning on losing his English accent any time soon (um, yeah, if you didn't know, he's English).

Sam loves Gunnar's bromance with Will (er, who doesn't? We get on so well and some of my favourite scenes have been with Chris throughout seasons one and two.

I think he's had his example set by Scarlett's ups and downs of being in the spotlight for a minute so maybe he'll learn from that.