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(This post originally appeared on Elite Daily) I memorized the phone number after about the third call.From that point forward, I wrestled with anxiety every time I saw it light up my caller ID.The call came once in the morning and at least once more in the afternoon. The caller was looking for payment on a credit card issued in my name, one I had naively handed over to my boyfriend because his poor credit could afford him nothing more than a small, prepaid debit card.

Our finances were separate at the time, so I chalked his monetary problem up to being another issue in his long line of life woes. Because money is something we all deal with on a regular basis, it weaves itself into the fabric of relationships, before both parties even give it much thought.When it comes to bridesmaids, there are a wealth of options to work with and we love the idea of mix and match bridesmaids dresses – where each girl wears a style and a color that fits their body types and personalities, but that all come together to form a cohesive color palette.Today we’re creating three unique bridesmaids looks, each inspired by a different photo that we love.Calvin Klein Sleeveless Cocktail Dress, 9 | Tadashi Taffeta Ruffle Sheat Dress, 8 | Free People Dancing Moonlight Dress, 8 | Nicole Miller Chocolate Silk V-neck Dress, 3.59 The Inspiration: The classic pink Cadillac one of the most iconic and stylish cars.

You can’t help but notice the gorgeous pink body color, the white roof, the sleek chrome detail, and the black tires.This photo of a bare tree in the Dunes of Lake Michigan has a dreamy, water-color like quality to it that we immediately fell in love with.

With the popularity and rise in use of online text-based communications came the emergence of a new texting language, tailored to the immediacy and compactness of these new communication media.… continue reading »

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