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To say the least, this is an ungrounded assumption.

All too often, poor documentation and interface design, as well as complicated procedures conspire to keep encrypted email out of the reach of all but the expert or patient few.

If Sylpheed would only mention this setup somewhere, it would be the encryption solution of choice among the major email readers.

Thunderbird As installed, Mozilla's Thunderbird (or Icedove, as it is known in Debian) has no email encryption.

But reaching that point can be frustrating to users new to the concepts. A popular, light-weight email browser, Sylpheed includes PGP Sign and PGP Encrypt options in the compost window, but searching the menus gives no hint of how to configure it for encryption.

The truth is so simple that overlooking it is understandable: if you create any keys, Sylpheed automatically detects them and displays them for selection just before sending the message.

Geary Geary is a new email reader from the Yorba Foundation, the makers of the Shotwell photo manager.

Granted, once encryption is set up, encryption in KMail is only a single click away.

We think a modern client should offer a straightforward keyring manager, a checkbox interface for encrypting a message, and a prominent indicator when a received message is properly (or improperly) signed" -- a vision that would put Geary well ahead of most email readers if implemented.

KMail KMail, KDE's main email reader, provides full support for encrypted email.

However, you can add the Enigmail extension, which adds the functionality. It offers a wizard that educates you while guiding you through the process of generating private and public keys, and adds an Open PGP menu to the Write window. It assumes some PGP options, and the menu items it adds are poorly worded and potentially baffling to users new to encryption. However, currently, it is a reasonable choice for configuring and using encryptions graphically -- which is no doubt why the Free Software Foundation centers its campaign to promote encryption upon it.

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