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27-Jun-2016 08:30

- fixed Iron Deity shield spawning - fixed CTF-Double Dammage camouflage mesh - fixed weapon throwing on listen server clients - projectiles can affect dead bodies in net games - improved scoreboard support for long names - server side control for turning off weapon viewshake by adding the following line to the [engine.gameinfo] section of your UT2003file: b Weapon Should View Shake=false - new configurable property to prevent shield stacking of small shields.

To disable shieldstacking, add the following line to the [Unreal Game.

- added mutate() replicated function for use by mutators - fixed teamgame Reduce Damage() allows mutators to override even if instigator==None - added skeleton option to player descriptions (for user created models with different skeletons) - Add -Main Menu= command line param - Fixed several internal hardcoded menu links - Fixed GUIController to always use the ini set Main Menu Class - Propagate Level Change() through the interaction and gui system - Add Mutator Fill Play Info to allow mutators to add web admin settings - Added b Contacting Level output variable to Karma Params Collision.

- fixed umod installer [b]Engine:[/b] - Memory leak fixes: Explicitly destroy Karma Params in Actor:: Post Script Destroy, and - 'new' Karma Params Skel instead of using Begin Object - Fix for crash with per-tri karma collision with static meshes with no collision data [b]D3D/Open GL:[/b] - fixed z- pixel fog and favored it over vertex fog - worked around vertex fog driver bug on ATI cards - added workarounds for S3 cards like the Savage 4 - added Override Desktop Refresh Rate option (defaults to false) [b]Audio:[/b] - fixed occlusion if EAX 3.0 is enabled - play own footstep sounds with weaponbob false unless set [Unreal Game.

- custom bots stay on the teams they were put on, and ignore team balancing in standalone games.

- The player who changes the color of the DDOM point scores the 5 points, not the last player.

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Make a new announcer voice pack (with the same sound names as the original Announce Main.uax), named New Pack (where New Pack Name = whatever you want to call it), and put it in the ut2003\sounds directory.[b]Note: A Linux demo is available [file="10721"]here[/file][/b] | 71.5 MB This bonus pack includes 6 new maps for Unreal Tournament 2003 from Digital Extremes: 3 Deathmatch, 2 Capture the Flag, and 1 Bombing Run.